Paul Murphy
Director and Co-founder, Climeaction

Paul Murphy is Director and co-founder of Climeaction, Ireland’s newest consultancy focused on making positive change.

Climeaction is part of the Leading Edge Group of companies, which has 25+ years success in delivering business process improvement projects to some of the world’s leading organizations in Ireland, UK, Middle East, Canada & Australia. Climeaction aims to solve the problem of the fragmented marketplace among solutions providers and provides them with a platform to come together to solve one of the most pressing issues for business by taking a fully integrated approach to Climate Action. The business operates on the basis of collaboration over competition and balancing purpose with profits. Climeaction has already secured contracts to work with some of Ireland’s best-known brands and is poised for international expansion in the coming months.

Paul is an Energy, Climate Action & Sustainability consultant with extensive experience in Energy Management, Energy Audits & development of Climate Action Strategies in Industrial Manufacturing Facilities within the Food & Dairy, Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals & Medical Devices sectors in Ireland, USA, UK, Europe & Asia. To date, he has worked with over 150 facilities in 24 countries. Paul has a background in Energy and Process Engineering. At Climeaction they say “Climate Action Solutions for all” and they mean it – they have developed solutions for all scales of business from Farms to Micro, SME to the largest and most complex of organizations. Paul believes that climate action can and should make business and financial sense when the right people work together.