Christian Kinnear, VP & Managing Director, Hubspot EMEA

Christian joined HubSpot in October 2015 as Director of Sales, where he was responsible for coordinating the company’s sales strategy across key regions. Quickly proving his ability to be a great cross-functional leader, Christian has served as HubSpot’s EMEA Managing Director for the last five years. As Managing Director for HubSpot EMEA, Christian Kinnear leads the business from the company’s Dublin office, where he is responsible for driving HubSpot’s growth across EMEA. This includes setting the Go To Market strategy and aligning resources in order to maximise revenue and market growth within the business, as well as delivering customer success.

Before joining HubSpot, Christian had a successful tenure at Google, where he managed the Google for Work sales development team in EMEA, Japan, Asia, and the Pacific. In this position, Christian managed teams in a variety of cities across the globe, and gained significant experience in leading multi-segment teams across a range of international markets. Prior to this role, Christian enjoyed a seven-year career at Oracle, where he managed core elements of Oracle’s Technology and Applications Sales business across the UK and Northern Europe.

Q: How have you and your organisation adapted and embraced the new normal?

A: On a typical day right now, I spend the morning with my son [which is a tonne of fun!] while my wife works. I take 20 minutes mid-morning to attend to urgent messages. At noon we swap, I get down to work with an emphasis on meeting people for the afternoon. I then set aside some time after dinner in the early evening to progress some of my more strategic topics and larger project work. All told I’m spending the same amount of time working now as I did in the office, but I’m spending 2x the amount of quality time with my son and family. Breaking my day into two focussed blocks is super helpful – my afternoon is dedicated to meetings and working “in the business”, while the evenings are preserved for thinking space to work “on the business” – this ensures I’m giving the required attention to both elements. From a personal point of view, I’m taking advantage of not having a morning commute so I run each morning (around 6am) not just for the obvious physical health benefits, but also for a change of scene to refresh the mind and energise me for the day ahead.

As for HubSpot, our philosophy as a business is to approach this situation with empathy and urgency. It’s hard to know how things will evolve, so adaptability and agility are vital in a moment like this. At HubSpot, our strategy remains the same – this is, solving for the customer and delivering exceptional customer experience for everything we do. Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and of the communities we serve. Therefore, we’ve introduced several measures along with a set of resources that we hope will help them to adapt to these times:

  • To support our customers, prospects and partners, we’ve added free tools and removed limits for businesses so that they can stay connected to their communities. Among other measures, we have also reduced prices as well as offered a six-month advance on commissions from HubSpot to our solutions partners.
  • To help navigate uncertainty, we’ve looked at aggregated data from our global customer base of 70,000+ companies on a weekly basis to understand how business metrics like website traffic, email send and open rates, sales engagements or close rates have shifted. We’re publishing these data updates to help people get a real-life insight into how the industry is being affected and serve as an early indicator of when short- or long-term adjustments to their strategy may be needed–
  • Also, our content machine, whether it’s through our blog, webinars, or ebooks, to name a few, has long been a valuable source of growth advice for businesses of all sizes, so we’re making sure the content there provides practical, useful advice for the current situation.
  • Not least important, we are fully committed to continuing supporting our employees and candidates in these difficult times. All company-related travel has been suspended and all employees globally are now required to work from home. Additionally, we have adopted a fully virtual recruitment process and have made the onboarding process fully virtual to ensure that new hires are set up for success in their roles, despite the challenging environment

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