Shauna Moran, Founder, Operate Remote

Shauna is an entrepreneur, accredited coach & consultant and emotional intelligence practitioner. dedicated to helping remote teams and leaders thrive. Her work at Operate Remote helps remote and multi-location companies improve employee performance and engagement. From working with thousands of business owners and leader all of the world, Operate Remote has been recognised as one of the Top Leadership Training and Coaching Businesses in Europe for 2020.

Q: How have you and your organisation adapted and embraced the new normal?

A: This year, we’ve adapted many of our strategies to cater to the needs of our customers and support them in creating highly-functional and engaged remote workforces. Remote working today isn’t happening under normal circumstances, so our clients needed extra support and coaching through the complexities that this pandemic has brought. Whether that’s on how to sustain their teams or how to hire remotely- we’ve adapted to ensure our customers and their team succeed in remote working and thus, can capitalize on the opportunity that remote working brings.

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